January 28, 2013


The way in which they treat their waiter/waitress:
How they feel about the weather:
Whether they dog ear pages or highlight in books:
Hands in general:
Their preferred creative outlet:
How much they dread/enjoy talking on the phone:
Whether or not they drink coffee:
If they ever forget to eat:
How honest they are with themselves (and others):
If they correct your grammar:
Whether or not they get nervous before haircuts:

I am always dashingly awkward with strangers - I give them a winning smile and my best manners, but fumble over my words and try to get through ordering as quickly as possible.

I love all types of weather. I like rain and snow the best, foggy days are still and ominous, and sunshine makes me happy. There is something good and special about whatever kind of weather that particular day throws at me.

Books are sacred. I try to keep them in the best condition I can, although the spines break from re-reading too much. I never dog ear or highlight, but my bookmarks are usually found objects like receipts or dollar bills.

Currently my nails are long with chipped black nail polish. Usually my nails are short and natural.

Hands are sexy and expressive. I am an absolute sucker for knuckle tattoos. My hands are always warm.

Stream-of-consciousness typing white on white with only a vague idea of where I should be headed. Writing allows things to bubble up and surface that I tend to repress.

Talking on the phone? Loathe entirely.

I have only recently started drinking coffee and I am already addicted. But, I prefer to drink Mountain Dew.

I skip meals a lot. I learned this from my dad who only ever eats dinner. The cravings come in the night time and then I gorge.

I honestly wish I was more honest and had more integrity with myself and others. Deception was a necessary survival skill growing up.

Grammar jokes are seriously the funniest thing. I will correct you by making fun of you.

I tend to jump in to things on a whim (and then quickly lose interest), but I cut my own hair, so I don't think nerves factor in to it.


 Questions via the lovely Katie of BIRD AND WILLOW - answers are my own.

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