January 12, 2013

PRIMITIVE | 12/365



1. My car was so frozen this morning that I couldn't even open the door. I watched an NHK documentary on the March 2011 earthquake/tsunami which was super depressing. Then I got to work and there was an outbreak of Kennel Cough, which is basically like an airborne virus similar to a common cold for dogs. It can be transmitted to other dogs and humans and if it gets worse, could lead to pneumonia. My boss took things very seriously - basically quarantine-ing the two dogs. I had to suit up with special gear and gloves just to take them out potty. We weren't allowed to use the door closest to them, so it changed the whole flow of the work environment. Pretty apocalyptic morning!
2. Colin bought two monitors for his computer (which look really cool!). I got his old monitor (yay!). We ended the night by smoking cigars on the porch (and froze our butts off!).

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