January 04, 2013








1. I felt like a dumb-ass this morning buying a single apple for breakfast at Safeway. I had to go through the line, hand over the apple so the checker could scan it, weigh it, man-handle it - and then I didn't have 81 cents so I had to use a debit card.

Anyways, it is 5AM, I am racing back to my car in the dark and drizzle and this African-American lady approaches me, babbling, and hands me this pamphlet. She kept saying that my suffering was going to end! Alright! I smiled and thanked her, but I am not interested in becoming a Jehovah's Witness or moose, sorry.

Also, Starbucks released a $1 reusable plastic cup that you can bring in and use. You get a 10 cent discount each time you re-use it so it pays for itself easily. It is pretty handy - cuts down on waste.

2 - 5. Even though I had already hit my minimum of walking 30 minutes for today, I still decided to go outside after work. Each day so far I have explored a new area that I have never been (mind you, in a very small radius near my house - I should get out more) and I stumbled upon a forest park that I didn't even know was there. There are a bunch of trails and riverside paths near me, I just never knew there was actually a picnic-type, kids-play, manicured-grass park with trails snaking off in to dense forest park within walking distance!

I have been experimenting with sunlight since I know that there is a lot of rain to be expected throughout this 365 day project - I have to enjoy it while it lasts. The sweet spot, the golden hour to take my walk is around 3PM, when the sun is starting to think about setting. Structuring my day around capturing that perfect moment sounds like an acceptable way to spend my time.

6. Right as I was coming back home a black cat approached me, meowing. It was scary actually, because I thought my cats had gotten out because they both look like him. He was very friendly and looked hungry, no collar. Pretty fat, so not a stray - but still. I tried to race up the stairs to get him some food and water but he was gone when I came back. I have some food by my door and a warm home if you need a place to stay, little one.

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