February 01, 2013

UWAJIMAYA | 32/365









1. I went to Uwajimaya (my neighborhood Asian grocery store) to pick out a gift for my friend, Kat. It was really difficult, actually - she loves Korea and I love Japan. It was like going against my nature trying to pick out the few Korean snacks and magazines vs. the dizzying array of Japanese things that were calling to me! I eventually picked up some goodies for her package, and of course some treats for myself too! --- This was an amazing cream puff! I mean, fresh is always better of course, but for a frozen cream puff/no hassle it was very nice. Not too sweet! I have a fascination with cream puffs now after watching the Japanese drama "Zettai Kareshi - Robot Boyfriend" because the main character loved to make cream puffs. They are so romantic and idealized for me now!
2. This daifuku (大福) was a miss :( It was so cute that I wanted to like it, but it tasted like peanut butter and jelly - not kiwi! 
3. These are pretty good. They are supposed to be bitter dark chocolate. Now, I have tasted bitter dark chocolate and these are comparatively WEAK but they still taste nice for milk chocolate. They are packaged individually like the size of Andes mints that you get with your meal at restaurants. The packaging is classy but these aren't super interesting.
4. These mochi choco coffee cookies are so nasty! The consistency is gross and overall yucky.
5. I got these cookies because they look sort of like macarons, right? Well, they taste okay but there is something just a little off. It is like taking a bit of something with the full knowledge that there have to be a million and one preservatives in these things to remain soft and cookie-like. Pass.
6-7. I found these gorgeous flowers at Uwajimaya that just intrigued me! I have never seen flowers that color before! I think they are very pretty.
8. I got this little zen garden candle piece for my coffee table. It brings the whole room together and adds a lot of ambiance and mood lighting! I never really was a big fan of wickless candles, until now.

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